Courts Announce Annual Licensing Dates in Ireland

Deadline for annual licensing applications is the 12th September 2022

The Courts Service of Ireland have announced the annual licensing dates for 2022. The Irish framework for alcohol licensing is based on annual licences which must be renewed each year, mostly in September. Holders of licences such as ordinary on-licences for pubs, wholesale dealer licences (WDL annually in June) and the holders of special restaurant licences can renew directly with the Irish Revenue Commissioners without the need for a Court application. Other types of licences such as the Dance Licences, Music and Club licences and Restaurant Certificates are subject to a Court application for renewal in September or October of each year.

If any seven day ordinary on pub licences were approved for transfer of ownership during the licensing year, applications must be lodged with the Court for the end of year Certificate of Transfer at the annual date.

The Court dates for 2022 have been set as follows:

  • Thursday 29 September
    11.00 a.m     General exemptions, confirmations/certificates of transfer, objections
  • Thursday 29 September
    2.00 p.m.     Clubs
  • Monday 3 October
    11.00 a.m.     Dance
  • Wednesday 5 October
    11.00 a.m.     Music & Singing
  • Friday 7 October
    11.00 a.m.     Restaurant Certificates

The deadline for submission of applications is the 12th September 2022 at 12.30pm. Clubs and Dance licence holders should also note that advertisements must be published in a local newspaper no less than 21 days before the relevant date of application and prior to lodgement of the necessary paperwork with Court. For dance licence applications the local Fire Officer should receive no less than 30 days’ notice.

Renewals by parties who fail to meet the deadline for lodgement in September will be adjourned to the 17th November and 18th December. For nightclubs and holders of Dance Licences this may affect their ability to secure late night exemptions up to this later date for renewal.

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