Covid-19 in Ireland – Legal Services at MP Moloney Solicitors

The Government of Ireland in response to the growing spread of Covid-19 corona virus in Ireland have announced a range of new restrictions on business in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. This includes the requirement to remain at home unless necessary and the restriction on the provision of services except for “essential services”. Following representations by the Law Society of Ireland solicitors practices are deemed in the short term to be “essential services”.

At M.P. Moloney we have taken the decision to follow the Government advice and to temporarily close our Dublin city centre solicitors’ offices to face to face meetings. The office remains operational for the needs of our Clients who may contact us through the platforms listed below or as usual by our email We are not accessing our main office number in the short term and will not be monitoring it for messages.

We would urge members of the public to stay safe and follow the advice of the Irish Government for social distancing, regular hand hygiene and limiting trips outside the home to ones absolutely necessary. By acting together we can limit the damage to our health, and that of our families, friends and neighbours and to business. We all have a part to play and at our offices we are firm in our commitment to help stall the spread of Covid-19 for the protection of our Irish and international clients. We will post regular updates on our site.

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