Business & Commercial Law Solicitors

We have long standing experience of acting and advising in commercial and business law matters. This complex area is one where proper advices at the outset will save the inevitable difficulties that can arise in commercial transactions, business arrangements and relationships. It protects parties from the unforeseen and unlikely event. It saves money by protecting people in business from the unforeseen and hidden costs that often arise from not being properly advised at the outset or from entering into direct commercial agreements. It is one of the niche specialities of the firm. We protect the interests of our Clients to the full.

We act for a wide variety of SME and corporate clients from Ireland an abroad advising and assisting with business protection, development and expansion.

We act in the each of the following areas:

Partnerships and joint ventures
Purchase and sale of companies and business and due diligence
IP Licensing of brands and trademarks
Agency and franchise agreements
Business expansion schemes, venture capital and project finance
Shareholders agreements/ Put and call option agreements
Government and other grants
Commercial lease of Industrial, office and retail property

We are connected with leading Irish and International company formation and secretarial service providers.

We support new business start ups including early stage web, IT and on-line businesses. In particular we advise and prepare websites for e-Commerce, sales portals and privacy and Data Protection issues. We prepare on-line t&c’s and web policy documents.

We have developed National Franchise strategies as well as act in the purchase and sale of individual franchises.

Martin Moloney